Whitetail Hunting photo

It’s not as personal a question as it sounds. And I really should phrase it: Will you be a nose jammer this fall? What is a nose jammer? I admit I just sort of made that up, figuring that someone who uses Nose Jammer to jam noses can himself be called a nose jammer.


Anyway, I know that some hunters have used vanilla extract as a buck lure or cover scent, but until now I had no idea that vanillin extract–the primary component of the extract of the vanilla bean, according to Wikipedia, and an important ingredient in Nose Jammer–could be put into a spray can and used to jam the noses of all sorts of big game. Amazing.

The product website doesn’t detail exactly how it’s used, so I’m guessing that you first distract a buck with a decoy or something, and then before it can enter your scent cone you have a buddy jump out of the brush and jam a can of this stuff into each of the deer’s nostrils. The website says the product overloads the buck’s sense of smell, which seems plenty likely.

Hey, it could work.

The site is temporarily under construction so we should have more details soon, but in the meantime I’ll ask you: Do you think you’ll give it a try? Will you be a nose jammer this fall? (Be honest, even if it doesn’t work, the opportunity call yourself a nose jammer is almost too good to pass up.)