A bill seeking to lower Montana’s legal hunting age from 12 to 10 died after a 50-50 deadlocked vote.

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A bill that would have lowered Montana’s legal hunting age from 12 to 10, failed to pass the Montana House of Representatives on Wednesday when the vote on the measure ended in a 50-50 tie. The bill would also have set up additional requirements for those under 12, including having an adult present while hunting, with only one gun between the two of them. Supporters argued that kids are ready to hunt at different ages, and the change would have benefited those who are ready.
_But Billings Democratic Representative Virginia Court, told her colleagues that ten is too young to hunt big-game animals. “As parents and grandparents, we have all witnessed the excitement and nervousness of a child,” explained Court. “Combining these emotional movements with a high powered weapon is a challenge for any young child,” Court said. Lawmakers were told that 37 states currently have a lower hunting age than Montana does.

What are your thoughts? Is 10 too young to fully grasp the responsibility of big-game hunting, or is it never too early to introduce a kid to the sport?