And now, it’s time to announce the winners of our biggest caption-contest prize package ever from Cabela’s. But first, a little housekeeping:


With these contests now averaging over 500 comments, Scott and I asked the big wigs for a small staff to help pick the winners. Instead, we got a small volunteer committee, which passed a motion to conduct a study to determine if we need a new rule, which led to this new rule:

When more than one caption expresses the same idea, preference will be given to the first occurrence–unless a subsequent occurrence significantly improves the delivery.

For this contest, about a half dozen of you referenced the classic Seinfeld gem, “I was in the pool!” The reason why jeffo52284’s version is on the list below and the others aren’t is because jeffo was the first to deliver the line best. (Sorry firedawg, the committee ruled that “George Costanzdeer” was a little forced.) In other words, when you have a good idea, make the delivery count. (Shorter and simpler is usually better.)


Okay, enough of that. Here are the 10 runners-up, in no particular order, each of whom will receive a Cabela’s 50th Anniversary hat.

“You try living at Chernobyl Farms….” -Crow Hunter

“Does know about shrinkage,…right?” -steve182

“We have been struggling with our QDM process.” -swilmot1

“Laugh all you want, there’s a reason I’m 8.5 years old….” -iwfeeny

“…and in this one, fred lined up behind matilda to make it look like she had tiny antlers…what a fun trip” -jvf

“My mom says I have personality.” -roletides

This 1,000 pound buck scored 160″ B&C. -ilikehunting

Bob said the jokes didn’t hurt but every time he got nominated for the itty bitty rack committee he died a little more inside. -Timthedog

Using teamwork to block the cameras, they got the Boss Buck through The Gauntlet of Hunters to the safe house. -bjohnston

“I was in the pool!!” -jeffo52284

And the winner of the Cabela’s 50th Anniversary framed, signed, and numbered Hayden Lambson Wildlife Print is:


“I’ll never forgive Mom for that fling she had in the Keys!” -backlash

(I have to tell you, it was right down to the wire between backlash and jeffo. But in the end, backlash’s combo of wit and command of whitetail subspecies, regional variation, and Bergman’s Rule won the day.)

Congrats backlash! I’ll be contacting all of the winners soon.