I have a nice, insulated two-hole aluminum dog box with top storage. It’s great, especially for off-season training of multiple dogs. It’s also large, heavy, takes up almost the entire bed of my truck and is a real pain in the a** to unload if you’re only hunting one dog and need the space for other gear. As a result I find myself using plastic crates for a lot of my hunting trips. But if you hunt in cold, rainy, late-season weather you need a good cover for your crate, especially if it’s going to be in the back of a truck. This season I’ve been using the Mud River Dixie Kennel Cover and quite frankly, it’s just about bombproof.


The cover is insulated with Microlite 3 insulation and its outer shell is made of two-ply infused 1200D Poly with water resistant coating. I have no idea what that means, other than it’s thick, warm and tough as hell. I just spent four days on a late-season pheasant hunt that saw low temps, high winds, and occasional sleet…I had absolutely no worries about my dog being cold. In fact, if they made a man-sized dog crate and kennel cover I’d just leave the tent at home.

It’s got a thick rubber waterproof bottom, is fully adjustable for airflow and can be zipped up for inclement weather. But what I really like about it are the cover’s securing and storage options. It has two heavy-duty carry handles on top and the sewn-in D-rings on either side that lets you strap or tie it down to the bed of a truck. As for storage, there are pockets both large and small all over this thing.

I’ve used kennel covers in the past, and some of them, quite frankly, sucked. This one doesn’t, and if you transport your dogs in plastic crates it’s well worth a look. Retail is $120 to $139, which may seem a bit steep, but it will in all likelihood outlast the crate you cover it with.