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_by Dave Hurteau
I need to thank Phil Bourjaily for reminding me that today is Valentine’s Day, but not because I need to get a card or chocolates (Out of sympathy for anyone scrambling right now to buy an overpriced flower arrangement, I won’t torture you with the fact that my wife couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day.), but because I’m supposed to post a blog today about my honeymoon–which, it turns out, answer’s Phil’s question: “Do you hunt (or fish) with your spouse?”


My answer is, only on special occasions. There was a time, back when love was new, that Robin readily fished with me and I happily hiked with her. But it wasn’t long before it came out that the only thing as boring as fishing to Robin is hiking to me. So we stopped that nonsense. But on special occasions, when we want remember that that old, eager, selfless spark of love is still burning, one of us submits to the torture of hiking or fishing with the other.

Both Joe Cermele over at the Honest Angler and I managed to turn our respective honeymoons into [fishing trips](/articles/dave-hurteau/2004/08/honeymoon-rainbo ws ), at least in part. Occasionally, someone asks me how I managed to pull that off. The answer is, I did a lot of hiking in Alaska.

My question for you is: Did you or will you hunt or fish on your honeymoon or anniversary. And how did you or will you pull it off?