Two of Montana’s biggest pro-hunting organizations are clashing over how to manage wolves in the state.

From this story in the Missoulian:
Two of Montana’s biggest hunting advocates are in a dogfight over how best to control wolves. For the past week, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Montana Wildlife Federation have been trading insults and accusations about whose wolf-management strategy best serves hunters in the Rocky Mountains. The groups’ letters left many in the conservation community disturbed over what some called a battle for the loyalty of Montana hunters, and what others suspected was an early exchange of fire in the U.S. Senate race between Sen. Jon Tester and Rep. Denny Rehberg.
Wildlife Federation habitat committee chairman Skip Kowalski’s Feb. 1 guest column in the Missoulian started by questioning the motives of “some wolf-obsessed hunters and their politically incompetent organizations” who hurt hunting “with hot-worded hip shots and potshots of contempt for the values of the millions of non-hunting American people who care deeply that endangered species should be preserved.” The column supported the efforts of Tester and Sen. Max Baucus to return wolves to Montana state management, and did not mention any organization by name. But it drew a response from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation president David Allen, who said he believed the characterizations were directed at his group. The same day Kowalski’s column ran in the Missoulian, Allen wrote that “all of this confrontational rhetoric demonstrates elitism, arrogance and a political slant intended to advance MWF’s own political purposes.”

He accused the Montana Wildlife Federation of being “in lockstep with Defenders of Wildlife” – one of the lead litigants opposing the delisting of gray wolves in the Rocky Mountains_

Reaction? How do you Montana sportsmen feel about it?