–Chad Love

So say you’re out squirrel hunting and you suddenly find yourself being attacked by a tiger (Hey, it could happen. Invasive species are becoming a real problem). What do you do? If you’re American you’d probably shoot the tiger with your .22, which would only enrage the tiger and cause him to eat even more of you than he originally planned. But in Malaysia what you need is a wife. A very angry wife. With a soup ladle.

From this story on the (I kid you not) Weird Asia News website:
We have all heard that old expression about being “saved by the bell,” but how many of us can claim to have been saved by an angry woman and a soup ladle? Such is the weird tale of a Malaysian wife who saved her husband from the jaws of certain death by beating a tiger over the head with a soup ladle! Tambun Dedin, aged 60, was hunting squirrels in the forest near his home in northern Malaysia when he came face to face with the deadly cat that immediately pounced on him.
_”‘I was trailing a squirrel and crouched to shoot it with my blowpipe when I saw the tiger… I tried to escape by climbing up a tree, but the tiger caught up with me and dragged me down. I was terrified and I used all my strength to punch the animal in the face, but it would not budge…. I had to wrestle with it to keep its jaws away from me, and it would have clawed me to death if my wife had not arrived,” said Tambun. But the tiger never had to deal with Han Besau, Tambun’s 55-year-old wife, who heard her husband’s screams and came running and yelling to the rescue, brandishing a wooden spoon she had been using to cook soup. She bashed the tiger over the head, causing it to leave the scene and deal with more manageable and less angry prey.Tambun’s village is so remote that he had to wait more than 10 hours for help to arrive before he could be taken to the nearest hospital. He is currently recovering from an operation on the many lacerations to his face and legs. The residents of his village, which is located some 160 miles north of Kuala Lumpur, are hailing his wife as a heroine.

So there you go. If it’s good enough for tigers then it’s good enough for bears, right? Who needs a dangerous game rifle or a firearm for that Alaskan fishing trip? Just grab your wife’s soup ladle…