–Dave Maccar

North Dakota deer and elk ranchers, who have been successfully fighting proposed laws to ban fenced hunting, are now supporting a bill that would add rules and regulations to their business. The bill includes a stipulation that the 100 deer and elk ranches in the state that allow high-fenced hunting must have adequate cover to give the animal the opportunity to elude the hunter.

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_…Brian Kramer represents Deer Ranchers of North Dakota. He says the bill is in response to Measure 2 and other past efforts to destroy big game preserves.

There are 100 Deer and Elk ranches in the state ten allow high fenced hunting. The bill says big game preserves must have adequate cover to provide the animal with the opportunity to elude the hunter.

(Brian Kramer) “This is just as much a public relations tool for industry as it is a law. By putting it into law saying we’re doing things properly the law requires us to meet a certain expectation.”
North Dakotan’s rejected Measure 2 last November. The initiated measure sought to outlaw fenced hunting. Lawmakers expressed concerns with setting a law similar to what voters rejected. Supporters say a majority of Deer and Elk ranchers support the bill.