President Obama last week announced his “America’s Great Outdoors Report,” which seeks to strengthen the nation’s conservation efforts.

From this story in the Baltimore Sun:
The America’s Great Outdoors report, introduced by President Barack Obama last week, is a bold promise to strengthen Americans’ connection to their greatest treasure: their waterways, forests, fields and urban parks. The plan would better target conservation dollars; coordinate federal, state and local programs; and fully fund the nation’s primary source for conservation, the Land and Water Conservation Fund, with $900 million from gas and oil drilling royalties. It would use that fund not just for the conservation of grand natural features such as Yellowstone National Park, but for the development of new urban green spaces, the conservation of working ranches, farms and forests; the expansion of public access to the nation’s rivers and new watertrails called blueways; and the restoration of major ecological systems.
“…The report recommends that conservation dollars be targeted to support major ecosystems. It notes that federal projects are under way to restore and conserve large-scale aquatic ecosystems in the Chesapeake Bay, the Everglades , the Great Lakes, the Gulf Coast, the California Bay-Delta, the Mississippi River Basin and Washington’s Puget Sound.”

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