–Chad Love

An Oklahoma City woman with a concealed-carry permit used her husband’s gun to shoot and kill two neighborhood dogs that were attacking her dog.

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Charolotte Maughan was too flustered to find her gun, so she grabbed her husband’s. “It’s a 9 mm,” she said. “I had said to him, ‘We need to go to the range and let me practice with this gun.’ I didn’t know if I could shoot it. Well, I can.” She walked out of her southwest Oklahoma City home, told the crowd to step back and shot and killed two dogs attacking her family’s dog. “I didn’t know what else to do,” she said. Maughan was not cited, but the owners of the two attacking dogs were.
“…The dogs picked up Mollie and dragged her through the street and other yards, Charlotte Maughan said. “Blood was coming out of her mouth,” she said, “and I thought she was gone.” Neighbors arrived and tried to help pull the dogs apart, Charlotte Maughan said. An older neighbor was swatting at the attacking dogs with her broom. “To witness that firsthand, it’s the most helpless feeling,” she said. Maughan said she thought her dog would die, so she decided to get her gun. When she returned, the two dogs still were attacking Mollie. She killed one dog with one shot and the second with two. “They were no longer dogs to me,” she said. “They were a threat to me.” The two dogs that attacked Mollie were a bull terrier mix and a pit bull terrier mix, said Rodney Pesch , Animal Welfare Field Services Unit operation supervisor. Animal welfare officers picked up the deceased dogs, which were later identified by their owners, Pesch said. The dogs’ owners, who live down the street from the Maughans, were cited for failing to confine their dogs and not having current rabies vaccinations for the animals.