Last Friday I asked you to tell me your most ridiculous fishing on a holiday weekend tale. Apparently most of you either don’t fish holiday weekends, or took off on Friday, too, because I only got 8 responses. Nonetheless, there were some terrific stories of holiday shenanigans posted, but the signed copy of “The Total Fishing Manual” has to go to David Lester. His story was pretty short and sweet, but boat ramp hijinx so careless they result in a lost boat and truck in one fell swoop takes the cake. As for my holiday weekend it was a bloody mess.


Thanks to some unseasonably cold weather here in the Northeast, the striper action off the coast of good old Jersey went from 60 to 0 in one passing front. Try as I might to find fish and bait in water temperature that chilled drastically in a matter of 24 hours, I have to own up to a big, fat skunk on stripers. That’s not to suggest, however, that I skunked entirely. My buddy Rick and I ran into a pack of bluefish Sunday afternoon, and Rick was so caught up in the excitement I think he forgot that they have teeth and have no problem removing the tip of your finger.

I will not forget that bluefish have teeth for a while, because I figure it’ll be months before I find and scrub every spot of blood on my boat and tackle that spilled from Ricky’s finger. It was as though we’d caught, killed, and gutted a whale on deck. But I guess it’s like they say; a bloody boat is a happy boat, even if that blood is human.