In the Northeast where I live, the carp are fired up right now. Some are still spawning, and the ones that aren’t are really hungry. I’ve been crushing them lately on the fly, but since I found some good bodies of water close to home that are loaded with carp, I’ve faced a moral dilemma: Do I, or do I not, cast bread flies at them? Whenever I roll up to one of my spots and see kids tossing bread to the ducks, it’s both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it gets the carp moving and feeding. On the other, you can cast nymphs, berries, and streamers at carp keyed in on bread until you’re blue in the face and they’ll rarely strike. I keep telling myself they’re just carp and I should hook them up by any means and have fun. But thus far I have not resorted to a bread fly. In the back of my mind, it makes it too easy, and it’s the spot-and-stalk I love. What do you think? Though I can’t understand the guy in this video, it’s a nice Wonder Bread pattern for sure.