This past Monday, fellow blogger Dave Wolak gave us some pretty solid advice for catching bass amidst the chaos that will ensue on many lakes and rivers across the U.S. during this holiday weekend. Though there aren’t any largemouth in the Atlantic Ocean, I’ll be out there fighting crowds myself, trying to score some stripers before the rip-roaring cigarette boaters and swarms of jet skiers shake off their hangovers and get on the water.


I have to admit that while holiday crowds are annoying, they are always entertaining. I always see something that makes me either chuckle, shake my head, or gasp in horror. Last Memorial Day weekend I watched a 24-foot boat overloaded with drunken college kids trying to dock at the local harbor-side watering hole. Several of them were sitting with their legs hanging over the gunwales. It was a windy afternoon, and as the pulled into the transient slip, a gust nudged it sideways. Luckily, all we heard was a few painful shrieks as several legs got smashed between the boat and the dock. Had the boat gotten pushed in much faster, there would have been some broken bones for sure.

So here’s the deal: Tell me the funniest or most ridiculous or most hair-raising thing you’ve ever seen happen on the water during a holiday weekend. Whoever tells the best story wins a signed copy of The Total Fishing Manual (above), the latest edition to Field & Stream‘s book line-up put together by yours truly. I’ll announce a winner on Tuesday, May 28th. Have a great and safe weekend.