Catfishing photo

Remember how your grandpa taught you to be careful of catfish spines? I do, and I always listened. In fact, when I was little I was so freaked out by the thoughts of getting stuck, I refused to touch catfish. After watching this news clip from KATV Arkansas, I get the impression 13-year-old Aiden Menchaca wasn’t too keen on touching catfish either. Perhaps that’s why his mom thought it would be funny to dangle a kicking catfish Aiden caught on Father’s Day close to his face “for a kiss.” When the cat wriggled, it sunk a barb deep in Aiden’s neck and things got ugly in a hurry. So ugly that he was centimeters away from death by artery puncture. Luckily he’s OK, and if I can offer him one piece of advice it would be: NEVER admit on TV that you “screamed like a girl as loud as you could.”