I don’t know about you, but I get so tired of hearing about how bass pros smoked fish on “Water Melon-Green Flake” and “Tennessee Shad” pattern lures. Boring. Why is it that it’s never the lures with the off-the-wall color names that blow up on the fishing scene? Some of my favorites are actually in the lure line of Reaction Innovations. Their colors are so raunchily named I hesitate to write them here.

The other day I stumbled across small lure maker Cryptoid out of Toronto. They make what look to me like trout and salmon trolling spoons. Not only are their color names creative, but they’re just downright weird. They are all named after monsters, such as Mothman and Ohio Grassman. My favorite is Urinal Puck, which is explained in the product description as follows:

Urinal Puck is a lesser-known cryptid that has been allegedly perving it up in urinals since they were invented. Witnesses state that the creature is round, about three inches in diameter, and has a texture like melting snow with a bluish tinge. Allegedly, the creature has a surprising resemblance to the common urinal puck but with strikingly human facial features. No one knows or will even speculate as to the motivations of such a beast, but sightings continue to accumulate. Since the creature has been sighted since the invention of urinals, some have referred to Urinal Puck as “Ol’ Urinal Puck”, due to its supposed old age.

Such a description leads me to wonder if these dudes have sniffed too much epoxy or fluoro paint during the lure making process, but still, they get an A for color naming effort. What’s the weirdest lure color name (aside from Urinal Puck) you ever came across? Have a great weekend.