In my last blog, I wrote about getting a dumbbell-eye streamer lodged in my cheek. Today, I’m writing about 23-year-old Afi Meleisea of Brisbane, Australia, who nearly got a hook lodged in the roof of her mouth. But she wasn’t fishing. She was enjoying what I’m certain was delicious can of Karan’s Triple Zero Mackerel. The Gorton’s Fisherman I trust…the Karan’s Fisherman, not so much. It seems he forgot to dehook one of the mackerel before it went off to processing. Meleisea found his hook while she was eating her lunch.


Per Meleisea’s mother from story in the Courier Mail:

“She was eating and thought it was a fish bone at first but it was so hard and when she took it out of her mouth we couldn’t believe it.”

Mrs. Meleisea said she had bought the canned fish from a store at Woodridge and had been buying Karan’s Triple Zero Mackerel for a number of years.

Ok, so how does the fish distributor make up for this horrific oversight?

_She said she also could not believe the response she received from NSW-based South Pacific Food Distributors who told her to take the tin back to the store where she bought it and get a replacement. _

“I don’t want more fish,'”she said.