What you’re seeing in the photo below is a near 300-pound mako shark that’s been practically decapitated by the propeller of the Blinky 4, a 50-foot Viking sportfisher out of Jones Beach, NY. Now, I’ve heard a lot of whacky stories of stuff that happens while mako fishing, but this is a new one for me. While the crew was fighting this beast during a shark tourney, Captain Tom D’Angelo bumped the boat forward when the shark dove behind the transom. Unfortunately, the mako decided to rocket right back to the surface at that very moment and ended up wedging itself between the prop and the rudder.


Armed with a gaff and a GoPro camera, the crew had no choice but to get in the water to remedy the situation. Click here to read our exclusive story and find out what happened next. There are also more photos of the carnage underwater and back at the dock. Sadly, this little mishap cost the crew of the Blinky 4 $63,000 is tourney winnings. Have a great weekend, and keep those props clear.