If you’ve already purchased the Barbie Trout Lodge or Barbie Drift Boat, you are not only lucky, but you know a Barbie G.Loomis comes with each set. Well, not all of us can afford the Barbie Trout Lodge or Barbie Drift Boat. Us poor kids have to settle for the dollar-store knock-off brands that your grandma swears are just as good as the real thing, even though you and I both know that’s a lie. Have no fear, though…with far less money than it takes to buy the Barbie Spey Casting Outfit, you can make enough rods to open a Barbie Fly Shop and Outfitter Service.

Tip of the hat to the dudes at MoldyChum for the find and a quote about this video that is epically spot-on: “This video has more views than your last GoPro attempt.”