Yesterday I swung by the booth of Floatback Lures, some new kids in town that hail from North Carolina. What they’re making is a crankbait that releases its hooks when a fish strikes or it gets snagged. According to bass pro Brandon Card who walked me through a demo, this “hook ejection system” has two benefits. First, it allows you to fight a fish that no longer has a crankbait shaking around in its mouth, which often leads to lost bass. Second, if you get hung up, the lure body is supposed to simply float up your line back to the surface.


Each lure comes with four treble hooks pre-rigged on split-rings, though you can use any trebles you like. The rigging is a little lengthy to explain, so I’m going to let their nice Youtube video below give you a better idea of how it works. What I can tell you is that depending on how you rig it (there are two ways) it’ll run shallow to 10 feet or as deep as 25. There are 16 colors available, and each one will set you back $15. So my question is, do you think losing a bunch of treble hooks (plus having to carry a bunch of treble hooks when you fish) is a good trade-off for losing lures or more of a pain overall?