I do understand that clear plastic tackle boxes are not as exciting to look at as new lures, or as fun to debate as gadgets and gizmos that claim to help you catch more fish than you ever dreamed. You do, however, likely use and own a whole bunch of clear plastic tackle boxes. I’ve got so many stacked on the shelves in my garage I could at least build a dog house, or perhaps a pool cabana. They are from all different brands, but they have a few things in common; over time the plastic warps, sags, cracks, or the hinges snap off. Not too mention, if you get a couple drops of water in there and don’t dry it out, pretty soon you’ve got a rusty mess. Flambeau, it claims, has fixed all of that, and the advance in clear plastic tech won’t cost you much more than the old style boxes.


Their new Ultimate Tuff ‘Tainer series will be available in January and features 8 different models. The small ones weren’t even available to see at the show, hence the white boxes in the photo, which are prototype molds. Each box features a series of clamps on all sides that compress the rubber O-ring on the inside of each box. This makes the boxes completely watertight. That means you can throw your cell phone and wallet in one too, and it’ll do the same job as super-fancy hard-shell dry case.

The dividers feature Flambeau’s Zerust technology, which kind of act like a dehumidifier, further hindering rust and corrosion of the box contents. Finally, these boxes are built like tanks, yet not much wider in profile than cheap-o clear plastic tackle boxes. In other words, you can still fit as many in your bag, and when you drop one, the corner won’t split and dump all your jigheads into the boat or onto the bank. Prices will range from $8.50 to $16.25.