In case you missed it, the carp that were once lowly bottom-feeders not worthy of the average American guy’s garden worm suddenly have nicknames like “golden bonefish.” This is a species that I’ve recently grown to love, and I’m certainly not the only one. Beside the flyfishermen that stalk these brutes in the shallows, the number of U.S. anglers adopting the European method of carping–with their boilies and bite alarms and rod pods–seems to grow daily. Then behind all of these guys, you have the loyal legions of bowfishermen who, in fairness, were at the game decades before carp were put on a pedestal in this country. So what makes all these different anglers tick? My goal was to find out. If you’ve been on the fence about carp fishing, perhaps this episode will help you decide which kind of suckermouth chaser you want to become. Enjoy the show.