Saltwater Fishing photo

First, turn up your speakers and hit the play button. This post has a soundtrack.

Second, are you seeing this? Are you seeing the most bad-a** pistol in the world? Because I sure am. I’m not really even much of a gun guy, but this one I want. Of course, that’s not going to happen because it’s a one of a kind. Now, I don’t know much about the gun, but here’s what I can tell you.


What we have here is either a 9mm or .40 cal SIG Sauer P226 X-Five that was photographed at the IWA Show in Germany (I think it’s their version of our SHOT Show). Apparently SIG asked a few of its master German engravers to make a few custom pieces of eye candy for the show. This gun, aptly named “Barracuda,” is the work of engraver Hanns Dosel. Just for reference, this gun retails for $2,700 stock with no engraving, so imagine what the price tag would be if you actually could buy the Barracuda. To see a few more photos of the gun, head over to


Here’s the funny thing; I like this gun because it looks like fish (and like something a main character in a Tarantino film would use). But beyond the aesthetics, nothing else strikes me because I don’t know guns. Reels? Yes. Pistols? Not so much. I mention this because if you read the comments on the, many people feel this is the stupidest, ugliest gun they’ve ever seen. Whether you happen to agree or not, you can’t take away from skill and detail in the engraving. What do you think, gun guys? Would you like to have it in your collection, or is it uglier than the Chiappa Rhino? (By the way, I’m told by a true gun nut the Rhino is one of the ugliest guns ever made…I’m taking his word for it.)