Just a few weeks ago, Florida native Dave Tuthill ran his boat 67 miles offshore, found and nice color break where green water met clean blue, and immediately started hooking mahi mahi. The next thing Tuthill knew, mahi were spraying and one of his lines got knocked down by something significantly larger. Fast forward through the 3 1/2-hour fight, and Tuthill ended up back at the dock with a 500-plus-pound blue marlin. So what’s the big deal? Sounds like a typical Florida offshore experience, right? Yes, except this all happened off the coast of Hong Kong, and there are some interesting twists.


Not only does Tuthill claim this is the first big marlin ever caught out of Hong Kong, the story behind how he was even equipped to catch it might make Dave Tuthill the most dedicated (or perhaps homesick) angler I’ve ever. You have to remember, there are not a lot of Hong Kong natives running Contenders and Regulators, trolling the same lures we troll, and using the same gear we use. Tuthill, who works in finance and was stationed in Hong Kong by his company, paid to have his 33-foot HydraSports and all his offshore gear shipped over to China by freightor. I mean, that can’t be cheap.

Per the story in the Sun Sentinel, Tuthill and his friends frequently made 90-mile runs to offshore oil rigs in the South China Sea, where they caught everything from mahi, to wahoo, to yellowfin tuna. Per the story, Tuthill wanted to tag and release the marlin, but the crew couldn’t get it close enough. Eventually the marlin became line-wrapped and wore itself out. Tuthill free dove 40 feet down to the fish and brought it to the surface before it became shark food. Now Tuthill’s company is transferring him to London. I wonder if he’ll ship the boat there to chase dogfish…or whatever they catch there.