So Shark Week 2013 is coming to a close, and to be honest, I’m not sad about it. In my opinion, it wasn’t exactly the best Shark Week ever. But be that as it may, perhaps a fitting way for viewers to wrap it up this weekend is to enjoy a few adult beverages in honor of Captain Sam Quint–who is hands down the “sharkiest” movie character the world will ever know.

If you’re a beer guy like me, then option one for honorary Quint drinking comes from New England-based Narragansett Lager. Remember the scene in “Jaws” where Quint slugs a brew in one gulp and crushes the can? That brew was a ‘Gansett, and for a short time only, the company is releasing cans with their old label (bottom left corner of the photo), which was on the can Quint crushed in the cockpit of the Orca. So far, none of the makers of Styrofoam cups have stepped up to honor Hooper. Now if beer isn’t your bag, might I suggest mixing up Quint’s Bucket O’ Chum.

The irony in this video is that the bartender is so dorky, Quint would have likely kicked his hide all over the wharf. Nor would Sir Quint likely have wanted anything to do with a drink featuring watermelon, pink lemonade, and coconut rum. Maybe there are a few “fair Spanish ladies” headed to your next barbeque that would appreciate it, though. I will say that the drink’s color and the white froth at the top of the pitcher are very reminiscent of the nasty slop left in a bucket of freshly ground bunker chum. There are a few cuss words in the video, so kids, close your ears…you shouldn’t be watching videos on drink making anyway. Have a safe and responsible weekend.