The Discovery Channel kicked off its much anticipated Shark Week with some totally fake megalodon documentary. And per rumblings on the Interwebs, many viewers were not pleased with them for doing so. Per other rumblings on the Interwebs, however, even more people are not pleased with an Australian gentleman who thought it would be funny to climb inside the carcass of a gutted tiger shark, work his arm out through the gills, and pretend to stab the shark in the head with a knife.


From the story on Yahoo News UK:

TV presenter and naturalist Nick Baker told Yahoo! News: ‘It’s hideous. It’s awful not just in the sense of crawling inside a dead animal, but it’s also very disrespectful.

‘Some sharks are rarer than the giant panda, and if someone did that to another animal it would be called disgusting.

As a side note, this photo was not recently snapped with an iPhone. A radio DJ apparently saw it hanging in an Aussie pub. The pub’s owner says it had been on the wall for about two years. What do you think? Over reaction, or have lines been crossed?