Ride That Mola, Cowboy!

Yesterday we discussed the "classiness" of a photo a man who crawled inside a dead shark and had someone take a photo of him pretending to stab it. Today we have a video that also straddles the line between harmless fun and fish disrespect...depending on who you ask. If you're unfamiliar with the mola mola--sometimes referred to as an ocean sunfish--they are very large, very bizarre, very slow-swimming fish with short tails and long dorsal and anal fins that you often see basking just under the surface. Nobody targets them on hook and line. In this video, a gentleman from a crew of fishermen off Mexico decided to do his best cowboy impression and ride a mola mola. I would not attempt this only because the only time I ever see them in is chum slicks while sharking. The mola was unharmed, and as for the rider, all he got per this story was some barnacle burn.