Not long ago, Hawaii teenager Mikey McCrum decided to do a little shark fishing. Armed with a long rope, piece of chain, giant hook, and some of his thrill-seeking buddies, he hand-lined a massive tiger shark in Kona Harbor. Now, from an angling standpoint, I say this was kind of ill-planned, only because in the video you’ll see McCrum and friends barefoot on slick rocks fighting one very upset shark in close quarters…in fact, if you watch the full YouTube video here, there’s a pretty close call. So, very unsafe? Yes. Illegal? Not at all, but that didn’t stop countless animal cruelty folks from throwing around words like “torture” and “calling for revenge.” Per an interview with an Ocean Defender representative in the news clip below, the shark’s name is Laverne and “she’s a local resident of the area who gets fed on a regular basis by the fishermen of Kona Harbor.” What do you think? By they way, the boys say they released the shark, though the release is not shown in the video.