Here’s the short version from the UK Daily Mail: Two guys set out in a 17-foot “dinghy” hoping to hook a thresher shark. Well, they did, and the 14-foot, 550-pounder took two hours to best, and dragged Wayne Combens little boat 4 miles across the English Channel. Per the story, it’s one of the largest sharks ever caught in the UK. It’s a great catch, and kudos on the release, but what I find most commical is the farily calm, English-gent attitudes of these guys. Every time I’ve been on a boat in the states when a shark is hooked up, cuss words are flying, people are screaming…it’s kinda funny that these guys sound like they’re having a bit of sport on a chalk stream. And I think the guy behind the camera is Michael Caine. Seriously, click here if you don’t believe me.