New Hooks Shots: Muskies On The Fly (A Minnesota Epic)

I have never shot a muskie episode of “Hook Shots” that was not a lesson in stress management and perseverance. Why I thought trying to get it done on the fly was a good idea I’m not sure. From sun up to sundown for four days straight, me and four guys obsessed with catching muskies on the fly traversed Minnesota looking for our shot. If you’ve ever been on a fishing road trip with a bunch of friends, you know that things rarely run smoothly, and this trip was no exception. If there’s not an aspect of this adventure you can’t relate to, you haven’t been out fishing enough. So was the grind worth it? All I’ll say is that my favorite quote from the episode comes from muskie freak Russ Gontarek, who says: “One single cast can change an entire trip.”