If this story doesn’t have the makings of a “River Monsters” episode in it, I don’t know what does: A college student teaching English in South America has a day off and decides fishing in Lake Titicaca might be fun. Next thing she knows, her finger tip is hanging on by a few shreds of meat because no one told her piranhas have teeth. Eighteen hours from the nearest hospital, she opts to just wrap her finger in a bandage and hope for the best. Two days later, a nasty infection has her in severe pain. When she finally makes it to the hospital, doctors put her on an antibiotic drip and spend four more days fighting to save her finger. But what happened to the piranha?


This story was chronicled in the UK’s Mirror, and the poor weekend angler that learned about piranha teeth the hard way was student Lauren Treacy. Though the whole experience was very traumatic I’m sure, what I find most interesting is that after the fish nearly severed her digit, this devout vegetarian threw all veggie morals, rules, and ethics out the window and decided that she was gonna eat that sucker. From the article:

“I’d been through so much to catch the piranha I felt I should bite back,” Treacy said. “I remember the taste was pretty bland, though, and I was very disappointed.”

Good for her I say. I mean it could have been worse. She could have been one of those veggie types that wanted the piranha to undergo counseling for its anger issues or something.