If you think back to the Jimmy Carter years, you might remember Cotton Cordell’s “The Prez” lure on tackle shop shelves. This one belongs to Buck Burgess, who wrote: This is a lure that I acquired back in June of 1977 from an Air Force buddy who had just gotten out of the service and had relocated back to his hometown in Connecticut. Finding it reminds me that I should try to re establish contact with him since I haven’t spoken to him since 78′. I love a good novelty lure, and figured the backstory would be an easy one for Dr. Todd Larson of The Whitefish Press and “Fishing For History” blog.


Dr. Todd says:

“Cotton Cordell was a born showman. He is a legendary tackle maker with an eye on promotion — he once told me he tried to get an Apollo astronaut to take some of his lures to the moon with them so he could claim to be the only tackle company that’s been to space. So in 1976 when the nation elected a Georgia peanut farmer by the name of Jimmy Carter as the 39th president of the United States, Cotton jumped on the opportunity and launched “The Prez” lure. It was shaped like a peanut and is a classic example of a “novelty lure.” It was even made in a number of colors. They must have been popular because they show up all the time; value is about $10-$15 new in the box. “


Cool find, Buck. Now that your lure won, you have even more to talk about with your old buddy. Thanks for sending, and keep an eye on your mailbox, because there’s a set of Berkley Aluminum Pliers headed your way.

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