It may be true that Thanksgiving weekend means four days of fish action…at least it does for me. But somewhere between catching stripers and swinging streamers at trout, a little nagging voice in my head reminds me that it’s also time to start Christmas shopping. As for what to buy those non-fisher types in your life, I’m not much help. But Kirk Deeter and I have rounded up 30 field-tested wares for any budget that are sure to please any angler you’re buying for, and sure to please you if you’re on the receiving end and need to forward this wishlist to someone else. We’ve got a great mix this year, and one of my favorite items is the Hemo Holster (above) from Sweetwater Saddlery of Colorado. It’s leather, it’s expertly handmade, it keeps your hemos secure and out of the way, and it’ll only set you back $60…which for something of this quality isn’t bad at all. So click here to take a look at what I think is our best wish list to date. Happy shopping. Happy Thanksgiving. And Happy fishing this weekend.