Some of you may already be familiar with Brian Wise of Flyfishing the Ozarks. He’s a guide who leads clients to monster trout, but he also produces what I think are the best fly tying videos on the interwebs. Mostly you’ll find Brian tying big, gnarly, articulated trout streamers. But knowing that he has the skills to pay the bills for any species at the vise, I asked him to shoot 5 tying videos exclusively for Field & Stream. This is the first installment in a mini series I’m calling “Money Bugs,” in which Brian shows us how to tie a cutting edge muskie streamer called the Panty Dropper. In the weeks ahead, keep an eye out for more of these videos featuring new-age patterns for everything from steelhead, to smallmouths, to stripers. If you want the full materials list for the Panty Dropper, and a bit of back story on this bug, click here.