New Hook Shots: Running Of The South Carolina Bulls

When it comes to inshore saltwater fish, my first love will always be striped bass. But if you asked me if I thought my beloved stripers were the hardest inshore fighters, I'd say not by a long shot. In the brute strength department, I am always in awe of redfish, whether they weigh 3 pounds or 40. "Hook Shots" regular Captain Eric Kerber had never caught a red, and therefore wasn't quite sure he believed my claim of a redfish out-fighting a striper. So I threw him on a plane to South Carolina to prove it. We not only bent some rods on some bulls, but we got to play with light tackle and fly rods--or what our host, Captain Tommy Scarborough, refers to as "buggy whips"-- in the backcountry. If you're a redfish freak like me, I highly recommend a visit to Georgetown, SC. Lots of fish and not a lot of pressure. Enjoy the show.