In “Jaws,” they say the mother of Alex Kintner (the boy who was turned into jelly and bits of bone on his raft) “must have run an ad in Field & Stream” to let anglers know there was a bounty on the shark’s head. I always got a kick out of that because I work here. I guess you could say Field & Stream is now running an ad for “Jaws.” Or at least the most kick-a** Jaws-themed art show ever.

The show–brilliantly titled “Smile You Son Of A B*tch”–just opened last week at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles. All the proceeds from the art sales are going to a group called PangeaSeed, which raises awareness for the preservation and conservation of sharks.

My one regret is that I can’t show you every piece of art in a single blog post. The screen print at left by Joshua Budich, however, is definitely one of my favorites. I already told my wife that if any of the artists make prints, her Christmas shopping for me is done. You can check out 14 pieces on, and a few more here at I also pasted a few other ringers below.