Resolve To Find The Bass First. Worry About Catching Them Later

It’s about that time when everyone is thinking about New Year’s resolutions. For some of you (I’m sure), a couple of those resolutions may pertain to the upcoming bass season. Maybe you want to dial in a new technique, or perhaps you want to simplify your tackle selection. Maybe there’s a certain lake you have trouble on that you vow to figure out in 2014. As for me, I want to learn the trick in the video below.

Kidding aside, to wrap up the year I thought I’d share what I consider the best bit of advice I’ve learned throughout my entire bass fishing career, both recreationally and competitively: It’s all about location. If you’ve been reading my posts throughout the year, I often rehash the importance of location, sometimes incessantly. That’s because despite all the fancy electronics you have, how many lures you own, and how expensive your rods are, if the bass aren’t there, you won’t catch them.

I’ve heard many top-shelf bass fishermen say 90% of the bass are in 10% of the water. Well, good bass anglers spend 90+ percent of their time figuring out where those 10% locations are, and less than 10% of their time figuring out how to catch the fish. Do yourself a favor and resolve to spend more time next season learning and understanding the fish’s preferred habitats, factors like seasonal migrations, and even how to adapt successfully to transitional weather. Stop trying to find the quick fix in the form of a material product or tactic. Trust me, in the long run the effort will pay off. Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read my rants this season. I look forward to talking bass with you in 2014.