We’re all busy this week, right? Racing to get last-minute gifts, replacing strands of dead tree lights, and making sure somebody’s picking grandma up for dinner on Christmas Eve. If you’re worried about a holiday mental breakdown, you’re not alone, and I’m sure you could come up with a decent excuse to bail out for a couple hours and wet a line. Maybe you suddenly have to go out and get more cheese and meat logs? Just remember that if you do decide to sneak away for a bass hunt, don’t overcomplicate things. If you’re spending half the time lost in a world of studying offshore structure for a single bite, don’t even bother, because you have limited time anyway. All you need to do is find some riprap.


Riprap offers the perfect no-brainer bass fishing for those few hours you have to escape. Bass love the vertical rock faces in cold weather, and rock warms faster, too. You may have to parallel the shallow rocks repeatedly firing a crankbait, or you may have to cast a jig at the rocks and pop it down to the deeper basin, then repeat, and repeat, and repeat. Preface with something like, “Ahhhhh, see you in a couple hours honey. I have to go get a bottle opener.” And when you’re rigging up at the lake, be sure to tie on a red crankbait, or a jig with a few green strands. It’ll just seem right. Have a Merry Christmas