I’m not much of a sports fan. I have no idea who the Super Bowl hopefuls are, nor do I really care. I just know that there will be wings and beer at whichever Bowl party I attend, and that is motivation enough to go. If you decide to skip the commercials and flip channels during the game this year, you have options. Animal Planet will once again air the “Puppy Bowl.” So is not to be outdone, the Hallmark Channel will be running the “Kitten Bowl.” And I guess since all the cute pets were taken, Nat Geo Wild will air the “Fish Bowl.” That’s four straight hours of goldfish swimming in a bowl. Unlike the puppies and probably the kittens, the goldfish will not likley be adorably batting a football around. “Fish Bowl” will look more like the video below…and nothing screams “are you ready for some football” like goldfish.