Time for yet another episode of “Cool Things Captured On GoPros Behind Moving Boats.” This one comes to us via Gizmodo, which is a geeky, techie, sciency kind of website. I have to snicker because Gizmodo is for smart folks, yet here’s what they wrote about the video: It sounds brutal and horrible and cruel, but it’s actually kind of adorable. In the video, you see a sailfish chase down fish bait attached to a boat and try to smack the bait silly with its spear-like bill. The sailfish doesn’t succeed but he goes a pretty long time trying to stick his nose everywhere…Oh and it’s also really cute looking when it’s chasing what it thinks is a school of fish (but is actually a trap attached to a back of a motorboat). No, see, the fish is not cute. It’s very ticked off. The sail is trying to knock the crap out of the bait, then spin around and eat the stunned prey. Of course, nothing is dropping out of the school. His day was actually just ruined, Gizmodo. Cool video, though.