If you fish, you’ve got spools of monofilament laying around. If you have spools of monofilament laying around, you’ve probably found 1,001 uses for it over the years other than spooling reels. In just the last few months alone I’ve used mono to hang a bird feeder, hang Christmas decorations, lash a pile of sticks together that came down in an ice storm, and create a new zipper pull on one of my chest packs. But these extra mono tasks are nothing compared to what a team of scientists from UT Dallas have figured out. They’re using fishing line to create artificial muscles which, per this story on, can lift 100 times more weight than real muscles. Watch in the video below how the fishing line muscle expands and contracts like a living muscle when heat is applied. If you want to check out another video that dives deeper into the study and how these artificial muscles can be used in the real world, click here. Pretty wild stuff, I’d say.