You’ve got to love the first line of this story posted on Baseball is back, which means MLB players should stay away from any sharp objects. Stairs, sneezes and spiders should also be avoided. I’m not a sports fan, which makes me happy when I read articles like this, because it means I don’t have to worry about my team’s pitcher getting injured in the off-season, and therefore ruining my entire year. But I digress. __The real focus of the piece is Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy (below), who cut into his left knuckle pretty deeply on a recent fishing trip with his kids.


The article assures Sox fans to rest easy, because the cut isn’t on Peavy’s throwing hand. Then it goes on to discuss some recent off-season injuries that while insignificant to the average Joe, had sports fans ever so worried about their favorite baseball players. One includes a story of a player who said he broke his collar bone carrying groceries up the steps. Later, the press found out he was carrying venison up those steps. From the story:

Baseball fans must feel as though they are watching a far more whimsical version of Final Destination. Essentially, we are left to beg and plead for players not to take showers, go up flights of stairs or go fishing.

How about instead of worrying about a cut, we applaud Peavy for taking his kids fishing? I’m more impressed by that than what he does on the field.