Came across this news snippet in the China Post about a Taiwanese woman that bit off a little more than she could chew while having a fresh fish dinner. According to the story, “after having a few bites the woman stated she felt extreme pain in her throat, and was rushed to the hospital.” Turns out she had swallowed the hook her grandson used the catch the fish earlier, along with 5 inches of line still tied to said hook. I have questions.


Question 1: Who cleans a fish and, knowing the family is likely going to eat the entire fish, doesn’t remove the hook from the throat? (Note: The hook above is not the actual hook from her throat)

Question 2: The article says this happened within the first few bites. Who goes for the head first? I’ve heard of throats of certain fish being delicacies, but if you eat them, you cut them out and splay them open. You’d see the hook. This leads me to believe she just jammed the whole head in her mouth and set to chewing.

In the hospital, it took doctors only 10 minutes to get the hook out, and the woman is fine. I did, however, get a chuckle out of this piece of the article:

Doctors urge the public to ensure that fish are properly gutted and cleaned before eating them. In addition, the public is advised to not employ false folk remedies and ingest large amounts of water and rice in the event that foreign objects are stuck is the esophagus and seek immediate medical attention.