Boyfriend Beats Girlfriend Over Frustration Of Tangled Fishing Line

I will admit that I've been the victim of tangles and bird's nests so horrific, they've driven me to madness. What they have never driven me to (and will never drive me to) is violence. According to this story on, 18-year-old Michael Hutton is facing attempted murder charges for beating his 17-year-old girlfriend after getting frustrated by not being able to untangle his fishing line, which by the way, it sounds like he tangled.

From the story:

Hannah Connaway opened her eyes Wednesday, spoke with family and was upgraded to fair condition, reported. Her boyfriend, Michael Hutton, 18, was charged with attempted first-degree murder among other charges that could amount to a jail sentence of life without parole.

"He was angry because he couldn't untangle fishing lines," Claudene Williams, who said she was with the couple during the fight, told the station. She went on to say he was upset over her "snarky" remarks.

Hutton's lawyer reportedly said his client suffers from alcohol-induced seizures, which could have triggered the event. Bail was set at $1 million.