This short story posted by our sister publication, Sport Fishing, is all together sad, distrubing, interesting, and amazing. While cleaning a 27-inch redfish (which isn’t really that big), Mississippi captain Sonny Schindler found a crushed, fist-sized water bottle in the red’s stomach.

Despite having a mass of undigestible plastic in its gut, the red was apparently still hungry and not at all affected by the bottle…at least not yet. It certainly speaks to the appetite and resilience of the fish.
On the other hand, while we can never say for sure where the bottle came from, it’s the best possible reminder–one that frankly no one should need–to keep trash in the boat. This includes the occasional soda can or soft-plastic lure package that flies out in transit. We’ve all been there. Grab the net, swing around, pick it up. Check out the full story to see more photos. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found in a fish?