_by Chad Love
After two weeks of intense competition at the historic Ames Plantation in Grand Junction, Tennessee the bird dog field trial world has a new national champion.


From this story in the Memphis Commercial Appeal:
_When Ike Todd’s dog, Touch’s Whiteout, finished its three-hour run at Ames Plantation last Saturday morning, it had already been credited with six solid finds. But the dog was out of sight of the judges when the three hours expired — and when the dog was located by its handler, it was pointed yet again. That qualified as its seventh find, and it was enough to put the dog over the top at the National Championship for Field Trialing Bird Dogs.
_”The judges asked me did I see my dog at the three-hour mark, and I had to admit that I did,” said Todd, a Somerville resident who serves as co-owner and handler of the dog with Indiana resident Keith Wright. “They said to go pick him up, and I rode in there just that quick hoping not to lose him.” But when Todd found the dog, he was pointed. “There he stood pointed just right around the corner,” Todd said. “He was having a good run. He hadn’t pointed anything but birds to that point, so I really didn’t think he would start going bad on me then. I was confident it was another bird.”

It was indeed the dog’s seventh find, and it may have been just what Touch’s Whiteout needed to slip past Gamemaker, a talented pointer owned by Dr. Fred Corder of Corinth, Miss., who finished the competition with six finds, and Poison, a dog that recorded five solo finds and shared another find with its brace mate, 2010 champion In the Shadow._

Congratulations to Ike Todd and Touch’s Whiteout for the impressive win. And once again the English pointers take the prize. Granted, most you probably aren’t field trialers, but I’m sure some of you are English pointer owners. Are you feeling a little breed pride today?