How many dogs do you own? One? Two? Perhaps three? If you do own multiple dogs you know what a jostling madhouse feeding time can be, what with dogs barking and wagging tails and jumping around. So here’s a word of advice: stop right there. Don’t get any more dogs, because then you’ll want another one, and another one, and another one, and then pretty soon this is what feeding time at your house will look like…

That’s the hundred or so English fox hounds and French Poitous that make up the famous (sort of) Cheverny Hounds at Chateau Cheverny in France’s Loire Valley. I stumbled across it while surfing YouTube. I had never heard of the Cheverny hounds, but I was pretty impressed with their mealtime discipline. The hounds’ daily feeding has become something of a tourist attraction, but the dogs aren’t just for looks, they’re hunted twice a week. So I gotta ask: are your dogs this well-mannered at feeding time?