Many of you have probably seen the story on the website’s homepage about viral e-mail and Internet photos.

So in keeping with that theme, I give you this photo of a coyote that allegedly is a bird-hunting machine. According to the story that goes with the photo (which I’ve cropped so as not to give you any clues as to its authenticity) this coyote, appropriately named “Wylie” was found as a pup and subsequently raised by an ardent quail hunter. To the man’s surprise, the young ‘yote, which grew up with a pack of pointers, taught itself how to point by emulating the other dogs and soon, so the story (Legend? Hoax? Tall Tale?) goes, Wylie was beating the bird dogs at their own game.

So what say you, MBF readers? Is it real, or is it a Snopes-worthy hoax just waiting to be debunked? I’ll give you the answer on Monday, providing someone doesn’t dig it up before then…