Do you have a favorite song about your dog? Is there some anthem that perfectly summarizes how you feel about your pooch(es)? I have to admit, I don’t. I have no idea if it’s a case of my weird and esoteric taste in music not being conducive to such a concept, simply not thinking about it or if there just aren’t that many good dog songs out there, but I’ve never associated my dogs with a song. But I know someone who has, and he needs your help to make it official.

Bob St. Pierre is Vice President for Marketing at Pheasants Forever and about as hard-core a bird hunter as you’ll likely ever meet. He also writes a very entertaining blog on the PF website. Lately Bob’s been thinking about dog songs, one in particular…

From Bob’s blog:_
I listen to a lot of music. Rock, country, bluegrass, emo, ska, punk, rockabilly; you name the genre and I’ve got some favorite tunes. In fact, it takes me more time to select my CD assortment for a pheasant hunting road trip than it does for me to pack my pheasant hunting suitcase. One song that has been on my personal playlist since its release last September is “Like My Dog,” by musician Billy Currington…I’ve sat down to write a blog post about the song no less than 10 times over the course of the last six months. Each time, I start the writing process by doing a YouTube search for Currington’s music video of the song. That’s when I hit a dead end…I can find dog owners who love the song and have created their own videos_ (below), but so far, nothing from Currington. Soooooooooo, that’s where you come in! Let’s start an email petition to Billy. Here’s the link to his contact page. Our collective message to Billy is this: I love your song “Like My Dog,” and request that you film a music video for this song featuring the members of Pheasants Forever and their beloved bird dogs. It’s a shot in the dark, but it’d be pretty cool to see Pheasants Forever bird dogs on CMT and GAC.

Since there is quite a lot of overlap between the readers of this blog and the Pheasants Forever membership, I think we need to throw our MBF support behind Bob’s effort to get a bird dog-themed music video created. So if you’d like to see a little love thrown the gundog world’s way, click on this link and join Bob in asking Mr. Currington to shoot a cool bird dog video for his cool bird dog song.