Okay, this isn’t strictly related to gun dogs, but it’s such a cool idea I had to share, and I think you’ll get a kick out of it. Earlier this week over at the Quail Forever website Bob St. Pierre blogged about a website called Doggelganger.

What, exactly, is Doggelganger? We’ve all heard the old saw about pets and pet owners looking alike, right? Well, the doggelganger website puts a 21st-Century spin on that through something called “Human to Canine Pairing Software.” You upload a photo of yourself to the website, the software scans your face and then, using a worldwide database of homeless dogs awaiting adoption, picks the dog that most resembles your mug.

There are some requirements for the photo you submit, though: you must look directly into the camera with a blank look on your face (I’ve got plenty of those…) and you can’t be wearing hats, sunglassess or anything else that may skew the results. Also no blurry or under/over exposed shots.

I haven’t actually done it yet, because to be quite honest I’m kind of afraid of what it’ll come up with for me. I need someone braver than me to be a test subject. Who’s willing to step up and find out what dog you most resemble? Post your results, if you dare. Bonus points for anyone who actually resembles any of the sporting breeds…