It’s hot outside. Dang hot. The kind of hot that pushes training sessions to the wee hours of the early morning and late evening. The kind of searing, eye-stinging hot that makes you exclaim – after you’ve mopped your sweaty forehead against your already-sopping shirtsleeve for the hundredth futile time – “Forget this! Let’s go find some shade and an ice-cream cone.”


The kind of hot that drives young boys and dogs to the nearest garden hose for a cool drink of water. The kind of hot that says “It’s too hot to train, so it must be time for another MBF Caption Contest!”

You know the drill: This picture is in dire need of a cool (literally and figuratively) caption. I’m in dire need of someone to award $50 worth of delicious (to a dog, anyway) Zuke’s dog treats. I’ll announce the winning caption next Friday. Have at it, and stay cool…